Introducing First Seacoast Bank's Home Mortgage App

First Seacoast Bank • July 27, 2023
Person using First Seacoast Bank's mortgage app on their phone.

First Seacoast Bank is proud to announce the launch of its new Home@FSB mortgage app, designed to make the home loan process easier and more accessible than ever before. With this new app, prospective homebuyers can apply for a home loan right from their phone with convenience. Easy to navigate and meeting you exactly where you are in the homeownership process, the Home@FSB mortgage app enables you to make informed real-time decisions and streamline otherwise tedious mortgage-related processes with ease. The app also offers a centralized place for communication with your loan officer, realtor, and the entire mortgage team.

Features of the Home@FSB Mortgage App

Easy signup on mobile or desktop - With a single sign-on, you can navigate all aspects of the home loan journey on your preferred device.

Calculate mortgage options easily - Explore different financing scenarios to see what you can afford and which program may be right for you. Our Home@FSB mortgage app is self-service at its best, providing efficient and effective information to help you move the home-buying process forward!

The Home@FSB mortgage app helps you determine if homeownership is an affordable option based on your current income and monthly expenses. This gives you a better idea of what you can afford before diving into the home search process.

Authorize credit reporting - Authorize your loan officer to run your credit report with the click of a button, which equals one less paper form to sign and submit. Save time and a tree simultaneously.

Securely scan documents - Speaking of saving trees, the Home@FSB mortgage app allows you to upload required documents with our built-in mobile scanner. It’s encrypted and completely secure. This way, you don’t have to print any extra copies for filing and submission purposes.

Sign disclosures - With the Home@FSB mortgage app, you’ll easily receive and eSign disclosures, saving time and a trip across town. If any documents do need to be physically signed, you can print, sign, scan, and upload them from your mobile device or desktop.

Get real-time status and notifications - See the status of your loan and what steps still lie ahead of you. Push notifications also inform you of any new tasks and important updates. If action is required, you can do it on the spot, pushing the process along efficiently.

Send messages to your loan team - Use the Home@FSB mortgage app’s instant chat feature to message your entire loan team when you need to get in touch.

Communication with your loan officer and real estate agent is made easy with the Home@FSB mortgage app's secure messaging feature. You’ll be able to stay current on industry news that may impact the loan, such as changes in mortgage interest rates. This ensures you’re always informed of any developments that could affect the loan application process.

In short, we’re here with you every step of the way, offering guidance and real-time actionable information to help streamline the home-buying process.

Test Out Our New Mortgage App Today

The idea behind our new Home@FSB mortgage app is to provide you with a tool that’s robustly useful and equally fun to use. By bringing this mortgage app to market, we’re taking another step forward in making homeownership easier than ever before!

In the New Hampshire real estate climate, it’s imperative to have tools at your disposal that enable you to be quick and nimble. The Home@FSB mortgage app allows you to accomplish both while keeping you abreast of home-buying trends and options available to you.

Download the Home@FSB mortgage app for your mobile or desktop device in mobile app stores today (Apple | Google) and take it for a test drive! And, of course, the team at First Seacoast Bank is available to help should any questions arise.