Team Spotlight: Steven Sprague

First Seacoast Bank • August 02, 2023

Say Hello to First Seacoast Bank's Steven Sprague! 

Name: Steven Sprague
Title: Customer Service Rep 3
Location: Dover

When did you join the First Seacoast Bank Team? What brought you here? 

I joined First Seacoast Bank on June 21st, 2022. I was moving from Massachusetts to New Hampshire and looking for a banking job, but the charm and pleasant demeanor of the bank appealed to me and made this an easy decision for me! I remember at my interview... the sheer number of people that stopped to wave at Amanda, how everyone was greeted, and how the representatives knew every person’s name!

What does a typical workday look like for you? 

A typical workday involves running transaction reports, staying up to date on the latest training, and working on branch cleaning and retention, but the main part of my day is customer service through and through. We help everybody that walks through our doors with things as simple as a withdrawal, to things as intricate as fraud disputes, wire transfers, loans, and balancing checkbooks. After all of that, there are still four more days left in the week!

What do you appreciate about being able to serve your community through your work at First Seacoast Bank? 

This is my third bank, but the first one that acts as part of the community. I really appreciate seeing our customers every day and hearing their stories, successes, and struggles. Our customers trust us to help them, and I love repaying that trust with the best service possible. I also jump into community events whenever possible, and people can see me frequent the Apple Harvest event, Cocheco Arts Festival, and many other events!

When you’re not at work, what do you get up to as a community member? What do you love about the area you live in? 

I live and work in different towns, so I have two communities to enjoy! In Dover, I really appreciate the quaint look, but hustle and bustle. The love that everyone has for their hometown is invigorating! Over in my hometown, it is almost the opposite! It is very rural and has lots of dirt roads, and is very peaceful! I enjoy celebrating our Old Home Day, local farmstands, and events in our park.

What’s something people ought to know about First Seacoast Bank and the level of service you provide? What sets you apart from other financial institutions? 

I want everyone to know that First Seacoast Bank truly does care about every customer. We do everything we can to help, and we offer products that no other institution has! If you haven’t heard the name Kasasa yet, come visit a branch and find out what you are missing!

What part of New Hampshire speaks most to you (and why)? Lakes, ocean, mountains/forest, or fields?

The best part of New Hampshire is the variety of all of it! I lived in Massachusetts my whole life, and unless you went out west, the only thing that existed were tiny lakes scattered around, the ocean to the East, or a lot of cities! I live somewhere that has many lakes, mountain views, and open fields, and that is all without stepping out of my house!

Are you looking forward to babysitting Seymour the Sea Turtle? What are your plans for him for the day?

Seymour and I have a long day ahead of us! He is helping me open accounts and conduct transactions, then he will be at a community event volunteering!